Siren Beacon - LM500-D Series Magnetic Vehicle System

NEW DIGITAL LM500-D Series Magnetic LED / Siren Unit

  • New digital series solution
  • Converts most vehicles in to an emergency vehicle in seconds
  • Ideal for officers cars, lease cars and covert cars
  • Power consumption of 1 amp with just the light & 4 amps with the lamp and siren
  • 15 High intensity LED's mounted on 30W speaker
  • 360 degree visibility for zero illumination black-spots
  • Power is supplied via a cigar lighter plug with integral switch
  • Roof adhesion by four strong neodymium magnets and four suckers
  • Speed rated to 150km/h
  • The LM500 complies to EU directives 2004/104CE plus R65 class one

These units have impressively small dimensions of: 142mm x 166mm x 161mm making them popular when in use and packed away. They also have a pretty impressive weight of only 2.3Kg and can operate down to temperatures of -20 degrees celsius.

This unit is supplied with the factory standard warranty on parts and labour. Or is available from us with an additional 5 year warranty.

Please see video below.