Comex Axial Cooling Fan 12V

Comex Vehicle Cooling Fan 12V

  • Comex-Europe make some of the best fans in the world
  • These units are popular with Classic & Sports Car enthusiasts
  • Available as Suction or Blowing Fan, select you preferred solution
  • Perfect where high powered performance in a required in a slimline unit
Size Suction Blowing Width
 9 Inch (225mm)        1370 m3/h      1300 m3/h       64 mm
10 Inch (255mm)        1960 m3/h      1830 m3/h       66 mm
11 Inch (280mm)        2400 m3/h      2440 m3/h       87 mm
12 Inch (305mm)        2280 m3/h      2130 m3/h       64 mm
13 Inch (325mm)        3000 m3/h      2860 m3/h       93 mm
14 Inch (350mm)        2860 m3/h      2880 m3/h       91 mm
15 Inch (385mm)        3770 m3/h      3810 m3/h       93 mm

Note: Width is taken across centre of fan between motor and fan axial.

This fan can be retro fitted to vehicles where powered air cooling is required. 

Polarity can be switched to operate fan in either direction but 100% efficiency is only in predominant direction, therefore if the using switching select variant which best suits your application. Efficiency drops by circa 25% when polarity is reversed.