Eberspächer Handiwash - 12 Volt

"Hot and Cold Water at any Location is now an Affordable Reality" 

Eberspächer have produced what is undoubtedly the most compact, easy to install and technologically advanced mobile hand wash units on the market.

For anyone whose work brings them into contact with hazardous substances, or unhygienic conditions, they should be considered a necessity.

Extensively used by major companies, Eberspächer handwash units can assist you in meeting occupational health and safety requirements.

Easy Installation

Unit can be easily mounted to any vehicle surface and wired to a 12 volt power source. 

Low Power, Heavy Duty Heater Element

Using high corrosion resistant materials and state of the art electronics, the heater element thermostatically controls water temperature to 60 degrees Centigrade. The system is also protected by a thermal overload safety device.

The heaters are designed for many types of applications. They are especially suited for cab and sleeper heat in trucks, workshop vehicles, freight compartments and interior heat in general. These air heaters cycle quietly through four heat levels to maintain a desired temperature range, without idling your engine.


  • 8.5ltr Water capacity with water level sight glass
  • Economical
  • Low power consumption 10 amps at 12v
  • Integrated unit
  • Ease of maintenance and installation
  • Hot and cold taps
  • With auto relay handiwash unit will only heat water when the vehicle is running