Federal Signal - Lampara Flash

Lampara Flash

Increase visibility and reduce your risk of accident. Add the Lampare Flash strobe lighting to your vehicle. "Hide-A-Way" strobe lamps provide powerful stand alone warning protection for the unmarked vehicles and adds another level of lighting safety for marked vehicle.

Blasting out rapid fire flash patterns, equipped vehicles make other vehicles that use wig-wag lights, look like they are in the dark.  The strobe patterns demand and gets attention in traffic. You get twice the visibility and tracking of any other strobe flashing pattern, plus truer deeper colour.


  • Brighter & more effective than "wig-wag" halogen flashers.
  • The smallest grommet style strobe lamp assembly available.
  • Encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance.
  • Easy to install on flat or curved surface.
  • Mounts into headlight, cornering light or tail light assembly.