Federal Signal - LE330 Amber Beacon

LE330 Midi Series Beacon

  • LE-330 is designed with magnetic mount and a set of suction pads
  • High intensity Strobe beacons incorporate a bi-voltage power supply
  • Compact, long-lasting and small-sized strobe beacons
  • Uninterrupted 360 deg flash illumination
  • Plug & Play cigarette connector with 2.7 metre cable
  • Polycarbonate dome equipped with a top-mounted heat sink
  • Xenon lamp protected by a stainless steel mesh that acts as shield against electromagnetic radiation
  • A carabiner is fitted to each harness to anchor the beacon should it be knocked off the vehicle
  • Speed rated to 150km/h due to dual magnetic and suction mounting.
  • Dimensions: 160mm tall x 110mm wide (dimension of mounting is seperate)

Superior warning capability with Fresnel lens for light distribution on the horizontal plane and a smooth exterior lens protecting the unit.