Flashing Vehicle Light - MicroLED Plus

MicroLed Plus by Federal Signal
  • Incorporates the latest technological advances
  • High intensity
  • Watertight 
  • LED light
  • Power: 10-30Vdc

The MicroLed Plus is made of four high power 3 W Sputnik LEDs and high strength lenses. Its small size makes it the flattest light on the market, facilitating the installation on any ambulance vehicle surface.

MicroLed Plus provides greater versatility as other products on the strength of no integrated flasher.

For Example: The external flasher MLP-F4, sold separately, provides to the user synchronised connection up to 4 MicroLeds Plus, 2 channels, and 8 flashing modes.

The series includes flush and swivel mounting brackets as well as different light colours and smooth or Fresnel lens versions.