Road Cones & Warning Signs

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We are pleased to offer the following Road Cones & Warning Signs

Cones for road warning made in PVC red colour.

Three models available:

  • CN: Standard cone with height 30 cm.
  • CR: Standard cone with reflecting strip. Available in two heights: 30 & 50 cm.
  • CPR: Flat foldable cone with reflecting strips and height 47cm. It is possible to supply in sole units or in a 8 cones kit with suitcase included. 

Tetrapode for road warning made in reflecting material and height 34 cm. 

Barrier tapes of length 200 meters for restricted area warning.

  • Different models (blue/white, red/white...) and available texts (Don't Cross  Police Line, Local Police ...).

Also, you can request the Barrier Tape Dispenser with support-guide to carry out, of a comfortable and simple way, the unfolding Barrier tape in the affected area.

MN-10C Marker light for luminous road warning, with photoelectric cell. Batteries not included.