Roof Fan 12V

Comex Vehicle Roof Fan

Designed by ourselves in the UK this roof fan encompasses the worlds leading DC motor. This motor is rated to -40 deg to +120 deg celsius. Made from high impact UV stable materials there is no better solution in the market place. Although there are a number of roof fan solutions available ours is quality checked & tested 3 times before it is dispatched so we can offer an incredible 50,000 hour guarantee. 

  • Suitable for Intake or Extraction where powered ventilation is required
  • Supplied with dome to protect from rain and trim ring to seal interior
  • 9 inch diameter fan moving 1540 metres of air per hour
  • 91 Watt motor sealed from water ingress
  • UV stable polymers hard-wearing impact resistant
  • Current draw of 7 amps at 12 Volts D.C.

This fan can be retro fitted to vans and buses and used in any application where powered air ventilation is required. 

Polarity can be switched to operate fan in either direction but 100% efficiency is only in predominant direction, therefore if the using switching select variant which best suits your application. Efficiency drops by circa 25% when polarity is reversed.