Sterling Prosine Inverter - 1600 & 2500 Watts

Pro Power pure sine wave inverters with USB and RCD

Pro Power Q are Sterling’s range of quasi / modified sine wave inverters. Quasi sine wave inverters work with most electrical appliances, including: hair dryers, phone, computer chargers, microwaves, kettles etc. Exceptions to this are appliances which are thyristor controlled, for example, washing machines or bread makers.

Cost Effective: Works out at around half the price of the Pure Sine Wave inverter, but works with around 95% of electrical products.

230V 50Hz and 110V 50Hz. UK / Europe domestic use and building site use Europe, and 110V 50Hz for building sites.

110V / 50Hz models come with yellow sockets, remote control and engine interlock.

1000W-2700W models include a remote control with10 metres of cable

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230V Pure Sine wave 50Hz AC inverters 12V DC and 24V DC 200 - 3500W

Pre- Fitted and Wired RCD option with 1m AC cable, Centre tapped earth and Neutral earth bonded with USB charger and optional remote control.

Model Centre Tapped Earth Neutral Earth Bonded Remote Weight Kg Size L x W x D mm Cables Part Number
12V 1600W Pre fitted and Wired RCD option with 1m AC cable Neutral Earth Bonded Optional Extra 3.6 300 x 190 x 85 8mm connection SIBR121600
Remote Control (Fits below model) 90 x 60 x 20 10m SWR
12V 2500W Double Socket Plus RCD Interchangeable Between Optional Extra 6.0 280 x 260 x 185 12mm connection SIB122500