Vehicle Siren System - Siren Speaker Kit (High-Power)

High Power Siren Speaker Kit by Federal Signal

PA300MSC Personal Address System

  • Drives one or two 100W speakers
  • Tones: Air-Horn, Hi-Lo, Manual, Wail, Yelp
  • Manual siren
  • PA/radio rebroadcast
  • Siren override provides instant PA use
  • Wired-in noise canceling microphone
  • Tap II horn-ring transfer allows warning without removing hands from wheel.
  • Measures 2-1/3"H x 6-1/10"W x 7-2/3"D
  • Meets Class A sound level output requirements when paired with Federal Signal High-Power Speaker
  • Illuminated control panel
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Wiring harness and bracket included
  • Offers advanced, efficient, economical warning. Meets all Class A sound level output requirements with only one 100-Watt speaker.

ES100 Dynamax High Power Speaker

The sleek design of the DynaMax speaker, ES100, features Federal Signal’s industry leading Neo-driver, which is known to deliver a robust low frequency sound. Made of black corrosion resistand aluminum, this high-preforming 100-watt speaker is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The ES100’s slim and lightweight housing mounts easily into the grille, flush between the bumper and hose tray of large apparatus and to most vehicle’s bumpers.