Soundstar Siren System - Police Siren

Soundstar Siren System by Federal Signal

  • Compact & powerful acoustic signalling system with built-in amplifier & loudspeaker
  • It's compact size was orginally dsigned for use on Motorcycles
  • Due to small size it can easily be fitted under a vehicle bonnet
  • Built of ABS with glass fibre and injected aluminium
  • 16 pre-programmed tones which are easy to select 
  • A mesh filter prevents solid particles from entering the siren
  • Drainage system prevents the accumulation of water on the membrane
  • Rubber seal joint prevents water from entering the electronic circuits

Fitted to emergency vehicles such as Motorbikes or anywhere where space is critical.

Rated at 30 Watts of power which does not sound much but it has a sound output of 105 dB which when compared to our our old 45 watt all in one siren unit it is a lot louder!