January 29, 2015



A slight drop in commercial vehicle registrations in December couldn’t dampen the positive outlook of 2014 with overall growth of 7.6% in the EU.

December’s total of 166,742 units was down 2.5% year-on-year, including a 9.2% fall in the UK. Substantial declines posted in new EU member states partially explain the negative outcome, contrasting with 33.8% growth in Spain.

However, compared with 2013, the EU had a strong year overall as new CV registrations totalled 1,849,077. The UK (+10.8%) was one of three countries to post double-digit growth along with Italy (+13.9%) and Spain (+31.6%). France remained stable at -0.4% and Germany saw a modest expansion at 4.8%.

In December, the light commercial vehicle sector was boosted, up year-on-year by 14.4% to 141,064 sales. The UK experienced a major increase of 26%. For the year overall, the sector was up 11.3%.

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