Ludo McGurk - Super 15 Charger (Kussmaul)

Super 15 Charging System

  • Completely sealed
  • Eliminates broken shore line
  • Designed specifically for vehicle mounting
  • Available with 12V, 24V and 42V mechanisms
  • Both 115V and 230V versions available
  • The Super Auto Eject is a completely sealed automatic power line disconnect. It is the safe solution for mains shore cables and it eliminates the problem of vehicles leaving with the cable still connected. The Super Auto Eject is connected to the vehicle in such a way that when the vehicle's engine is started the connector is ejected.

    The Auto Eject includes a mechanism which disconnects the power to the connector before it is fully disconnected, which prevents pin arcing.

    Installation is simple and requires only a small hole in the vehicle body. The Super Auto Eject is wired to the starter motor for activation on engine starting.

    The Super Auto Eject is supplied in a kit which includes the required NEMA standard connector, a rubber connector protector and a weatherproof cover. It is also available with the back-wire option for where it needs to be installed in confined spaces. The Super Auto Eject is also available with a wide choice of shore line cables with the connector already fitted.


    Connector Rating: 115V or 230V AC @ 15A
    Operating Voltage: 12V or 24V
    Weight: 1.1kg
    Shipping Weight: 1.5kg
    Warranty: 1 Year