Sterling Combi Inverter/Charger - 1600 & 2500 Watts

1600 & 2500 Watts - 120 Vac / 60Hz, 12 Volt

The new Pro Combi range is designed to be very competitive, no frills, high performance, and value for money products, presented in a simple, easy to install and use style.
If you require power assist, parallel connection, three phase output functions or any other enhanced combi features then this range is not for you. If you’re not familiar with these things this ProCombi is perfect for you.

Modern combis are getting more and more complex, with each company trying to out do the next with abilities beyond the understanding and requirements of most people. This detracts from the combi’s main strength of being easy to install and easy to use. There is, no doubt, a market for the advanced functions but the vast majority of combi users simply do not need them and never will.

Most people simply require the unit to act as a high performance constant current battery charger when on mains power then cross over to act as an efficient inverter when on battery - and that’s it! 

Standard Features

  • 30 amp through current
  • P.F.C. (power factor correction)
  • Includes remote control with 10m cable.
  • 4 step progressive charging
  • 8 battery type selector
  • Charger only select option (on S models only)
  • Earth - neutral link when on inverter mode to comply with latest regulations

    Protection Features

    • Over temperature shut-down and automatic overload protection
    • Over voltage and under voltage protection
    • Short circuit and AC backfeed protection


    On the battery charger side

    1. 4 step constant current battery charging
    2. 8 preset battery type selector plus de-sulphation
    3. Powerful charge rate
    4. Will charge even with totally flat batteries 
    5. PFC, draws about 30% less power than conventional units

    On the crossover side

    1. 20  m/s crossover time, will not to lose any equipment due to power loss
    2. 30A through current ability on all models
    3. Twin 30A / single 50A on the 3500W models

    On the inverter side

    1. High overload ability
    2. High temperature rating
    3. Low quiescent current
    4. Power saver mode to automatically reduce power 
    5. Allows through power even with no batteries connected
    6. Neutral earth link to enable RCD breakers to work

    On the remote control

    1. Ability to switch the unit on/off
    2. Ability to select or de select power saver mode


    1. Removable local panel to give remote control with warning and function LED
    2. Remote on/off plus remote power saver on/off 
    3. 10 metres remote cable
    4. Almost 20 alarms / warnings / information 
    5.  There are 2 main models the Pro Combi Q ( for quasi-sine wave ) and the Pro Combi S ( for pure-sine wave )

    How to compare model ratings with other Combi units:

    Watts  vs  VA :  the  truth

    The most significant issue to be aware of is how output ratings are massaged to appear better than the competition.  You might be excused for thinking that a unit with ‘3000’ written on it, for example, means that it will deliver 3000W continuously.  This is not necessarily the case if you look at the small print.

    Have you ever found it strange that the product you want to run (i.e. the hair dryer, washing machine, TV, etc), has the power consumption shown in watts, yet the inverter/ generator companies give you the rating in VA, and when you put your 1000W product on a 1000 VA inverter it does not work. In the small print you find out that the 1000 VA inverter is only 700 watts for 10 mins then it over heats- this simply cannot be right.