November 21, 2014

UNECE R65 Regulation

An update on UNECE R65

In full UNECE R65 is; United Nations Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulation 65 on Special Warning Lamps. The regulation covers labelling, light output (intensity and dispersion), flash rate and colour for beacons, light bars and directional lights.

Light output

Each light bar, beacon or directional light is tested for light intensity and light dispersion to meet the required set of conditions for Class I or Class II (these are night and day intensity levels) against the specific colour range and product categories.

Class I - Has to achieve the set night light intensity level

Class II - Must be able to switch between the set day and night light intensity levels.

For example: a rotating amber beacon would have to meet a set light intensity at 0º and reach a set percentage of light intensity at +/- 8º, through 360º for Class I. To achieve Class II certification the beacon would have to be able to switch to daytime levels, which are 2.3 times brighter for amber. This operational switch is manual by the operator and not automatic.

Flash rates

These are flash rates between 2 - 4Hz

Light bars containing more than 2 light sources in each half of the light bar must also be synchronised with each other.


Each beacon or light bar type is submitted for test and certification with detailed drawings of the location of all light sources, general assembly of the product and brand name and model. Any changes to these specifications may mean the unit would require re-testing. All ECE R65 labelling must be clearly visible, together with the brand name and model number.

If you're still awake and hungry for more please use the following link: UNECE R65


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